It is encouraging when funeral directors and consumer advocates engage in meaningful debate about the future of Missouri’s preneed industry.  And, there seems to be some consensus that the non-guaranteed contract should have a greater presence in the state. 

In the third of six scheduled meetings, industry and consumers were faced with those prickly issues of the trusting percentage, income accrual and portability.   While there were no resolutions, progress is being made.

There will be consumers who want to lock in a prearranged service, whether it is for price or because the individual has made a decision.   But what about the consumer who wants to start the prearrangement process and is not quite sure. 

The Missouri Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association broached the issue with a proposal that may have flaws, but provides a starting point for discussion.   In the discussion that ensued at the July 24th Review Committee meeting, it was suggested that the non-guaranteed account could be used as a hybrid form of preneed: where the prearrangement would not be finalized until ‘everyone’ was ready.  

Amen, Rev. Stroud.