Stalter Legal Services is a law firm that specializes in the legal needs of the death care industry and its clientele.  We serve banks, funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, and individuals.

Preneed Compliance

  • Fiduciary Administration and Oversight
  • Trust Instruments, Written Policies and Procedures
  • Preneed Sales Contracts
  • Individual Account Administration
  • Tax Administration and Reporting

Death Care Law

  • State Licensing Requirements
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Endowed Care Requirements
  • Cemetery Laws and Land Use
  • Funeral Laws and Land Use
  • At Need Contract Forms and FTC Compliance
  • Right of Sepulcher and Disposition Preference Laws


  • Section 685 Reporting and Compliance
  • Preneed Trust Reporting
  • Endowed Care Trust Returns

The Preneed Resource Company provides compliance, individual accounting administration and tax administration to preneed fiduciaries, funeral homes and cemeteries.