With a recent editorial opinion, the State Journal-Register seeks to keep U.S. Senator Roland Burris accountable for his role in the IFDA master trust problems by asking the following questions:

· As comptroller, why did he think it was a good idea to allow the IFDA control of the fund?
· How did he monitor the group?
· Did he ask questions about its administration?
· Did he know that it would be backed by life insurance policies on IFDA leaders and members?
· When he became a lobbyist for the IFDA in 2007, what solutions did he envision?

But in the effort to build a fire under the Senator’s feet, the paper may have innocently misstated the facts.

What little that has been released about the master trust’s current state does not suggest that its value has dwindled down to $59 million dollars. While the fund has undoubtedly lost value, some of the ‘write down’ numbers attributed to the master trust represent an accounting change in what is to be paid funeral homes.

However, this should not detract from the paper’s effort to hold Mr. Burris accountable for his role in the IFDA’s problems.