News of Randy Sutton’s arrest was greeted by honking hearses in Missouri, Texas, Illinois, and a dozen or so other states. But, the question funeral directors are asking: What about the Cassity family?

Federal investigators need for someone to rollover and give up the Cassity crew, and apparently, Mr. Sutton is their choice.

Matt Damon’s new movie, the Informant will be out soon. That movie is about Archie Daniels Midland, a mega-food conglomerate based in Decatur, Illinois, my old hometown. Part of the movie was shot in the little town of Moweaqua, where my wife’s family lives. For weeks, we received photos of Matt Damon obliging the local residents. The story is about an ADM executive who turned informant on his employer’s misdeeds, but took a fall due to his own conduct.

As the Feds put the screws to Mr. Sutton, funeral directors can only hope those investigators can connect the dots. If they do, and the Cassity family is implicated, who will play Mr. Sutton in the movie?