As its first step in educating the preneed industry about SB1’s requirements, the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors posted the Top 12 Changes to Missouri’s Pre-Need Law to its website. However, I had trouble getting past No. 2. The explanation about fiduciary reimbursements of sales expense on Pre-SB1 sales sent me back to SB1’s ‘Grandfather clause’:

436.412. Each preneed contract made before August 28, 2009, and all payments and disbursements under such contract shall continue to be governed by this chapter as the chapter existed at the time the contract was made.

As authorized by RSMo. Section 436.027, it has been fairly standard practice for Missouri preneed contracts to recite that Sellers may retain the first 20% of the purchaser’s payments. However, the State Board is advising all Purchaser payments, including PreSB1 business, must be deposited to trust before the 20% sales expense is retained.

While the State Board’s intent may have been to address the old statute’s failure to address when purchaser payments must be deposited to trust, the Board has overstepped its authority if its intent is to require sellers to deposit payments on PreSB1 contracts to trust without retaining sales expense.