Come August 28th, every Missouri funeral home that plans to sell or honor a preneed contract must file a Notice of Intent To Apply. The State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors has devised this form to ease the rush that will occur when hundreds of licenses must be obtained. However, many Missouri funeral homes are under the mistaken belief they already possess licenses as preneed sellers and providers.

There is a document hanging on many funeral homes’ wall that indicates the entity is authorized as a “Preneed Seller” or “Preneed Provider”. The document also references an “Original Certificate/License No.” However, those documents are verification of the entity’s compliance with ‘old’ Chapter 436’s registration requirements. The “new” Chapter 436 imposes a license requirement. Come August 28th, those registration certificates are only worth the paper they are printed on.

In contrast to the Mexican bandit in The Treasure of The Sierra Madre, Missouri funeral homes do need a filed Notice of Intent to sell/honor preneed after August 28th. The State Board has published its draft of an emergency rule addressing the Notice of Intent.