While the Comptroller succeeded in getting SB1682 passed, and into law this past February, the office hasn’t revised its annual preneed reporting form to reflect the law’s changes. The report contemplates depository accounts and self-trusted accounts, which were eliminated by SB1682.

Funeral directors, accustom to the IFDA’s assistance, may also find the trust report section confusing. The annual trust statement requests a break-down of trust funds by principal and interest. With diversified portfolios, the report would make more sense if it sought deposit balances, income and account values.

With transition at the Comptroller’s office, funeral homes will be forced to muddle through the upcoming report. The Comptroller’s office will need to be lenient with funeral homes attempting to comply. Eventually, the Comptroller’s office needs to step back from the old forms and procedures, and seek input on how to revise the annual report for easier compliance by the Illinois industry.