The start of Missouri’s new era of preneed oversight began when document requests were mailed to sellers on January 3rd. Sellers were requested to provide the following documents by January 28th:

· A current statement from your state or federally chartered financial institution’s authorized to exercise trust powers in Missouri of any preneed trust accounts that you have identifying the payments, earnings, and disbursements for each active preneed contract.

· A current statement from any/all applicable insurance companies with which you have insurance-funded preneed contracts for each active preneed contract.

· A current statement from your financial institution/s of preneed joint accounts for each active preneed contract.

· A copy of a ledger or computerized report showing all outstanding preneed contracts.

· Copies of agreement(s) with providers, agents, funeral director agents and if any contracts are funded by trust a copy of the trust agreement with the trustee.

· A copy of the trust agreement with financial institution for any preneed trust.

· A blank preneed contract currently used by you as a seller. 

If a seller established separate trusts for “Pre88” contracts, “Post88” contracts and “SB1” contracts, all trust agreements should be provided in response to the request. If the trustee has contracted for services (whether it be with the seller or with a third party), copies of the service agreements should be included. Sellers should have revised their preneed contracts since the passage of SB1, and so samples of relevant preneed contract forms should be provided.

From the trustee, the financial examiners will expect a report of the trust assets and a transaction report. The asset listing will be used to determine the trust’s compliance with the prudent investor rule, and the transaction report will be used to determine compliance with deposit requirements, distribution documentation and expenses charged to the trust.

Sellers should also anticipate that the financial examiners may request additional documents or reports before scheduling the on-site exam.