As reported previously in the blog, the State of Nebraska began to implement a preneed contract database in 2010 when master trusts were requested to provide individual contract data in an electronic format. The request was expanded to all preneed sellers in 2011.

Kansas Secretary of State sought legislation in 2010 for the authority to seek individual preneed data from its cemeteries selling preneed. While the KSOS initial effort fell short, a second effort passed the legislature a few weeks ago. Under this new bill, cemeteries will be required to trust preneed sales at 50% of the sales price and to report those sales (together with deposits and distributions) on a quarterly basis.

Illinois has now joined the preneed database club with an amendment made to SB0675. The bill will require preneed contracts to be entered into a database maintained by the Comptroller within 45days of the contract date.

As opposed to the paper report of individual contracts, the preneed database provides the regulator more flexibility in reviewing information and creating contract listings from which to begin audits and examinations at the funeral home or cemetery.