Earlier this week, the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors posted their agenda for the September 27-29th meetings, which includes 65 pages of regulation proposals or revisions. The Board has probably heard the same complaint that we have: what the industry needs is less regulation, not more. However, regulations can serve a useful purpose in clarifying ambiguities in applicable law (and Senate Bill No. 1, and this past year’s SB 340 have their share of ambiguities and conflicts).

While most of proposed regulations involve death care licensing issues, the proposals do include some preneed issues. One of those issues is the exemption of cemeteries from Chapter 436 and another is the relationship (or non-relationship) between the preneed seller and the trust investment advisor. Both issues have been addressed in earlier posts to this blog. The debate continues.

The Board’s agenda also includes a modest legislative agenda. Well, modest but slightly controversial. The Board’s decision to raise the trusting requirement from 85% to 100% remains the main proposal.