In our prior post, we commented on the lack of detail provided by the Consumer Funeral Assurance group regarding their NPS recovery plan.  We have obtained a copy of the plan, and redacted from the document correspondence that reflect names and/or contact information of recipient organizations or legislators. What is left includes a summary of the group’s proposal, which we find incoherent and difficult to understand. 

The CFA was established when NPS first collapsed and funeral providers faced an information crisis, as well as an economic crisis.  Five years later, funeral homes have a better understanding of what will be paid and when.  While no one is happy about the situation, the immediate crisis of 2008 has been eliminated.  So, today, it is not clear how many funeral homes count themselves as CFA members.  That fact is not provided by the CFA in its NPS recovery plan. 

The day may come when an NPS recovery plan is needed but the current CFA proposal detracts, rather than enhances, the group’s credibility with legislators and the industry.  Accordingly, CFA members (and former members) should request that the plan be withdrawn.