My son, the 5th year senior, lamented to my wife and I a few months ago about a reading assignment given in an engineering lab.  He was frustrated because the assignment would take all weekend, and the Jayhawks would be at Allen Fieldhouse that Saturday.  I questioned him whether the professor had given the assignment as punishment to the class.  No, he replied, the professor always assigns long reading assignments.  Okay, so what is the problem? We’re going to be quizzed this time.  

 The members of the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors (and the industry) were given a long reading assignment Thursday night: the agenda for the Board meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday.  The agenda is over 200 pages (without any pictures)!   

A weekend isn’t sufficient time to prepare for a discussion on renewal reports and legislative proposals.   Personally, I am going to audit this class and weigh my options.