In a prior post we alluded to Missouri preneed sellers’ complaints about the examination process, and that the follow up process to the on-site review has been unnecessarily burdensome.  Subsequent to the examiner’s departure from the funeral home, the seller received an exception list of missing contracts or documents, which the seller can often quickly locate.  However, the examination report will typically request the seller to make copies of the missing documents or contracts, and forward the documents to the State Board office.  As part of the Staff Recommendations, a seller would be required to affirm that it has provided the Board with copies of all requested preneed contracts.  While the Staff Recommendations cite Section 436.420 as authority for requiring the copying of contracts, Section 436.470 is the authority for examinations, and that language requires the seller to provide the examiner access to all preneed books and records.  If the examiner concludes the on-site review without inquiring about contracts or documents that he or she did not find, then the reliance on Section 436.420 is misplaced.  That financial examination handbook referenced by the Staff Recommendations should include an exit interview to avoid the burden of supplying documents and contracts that were in the seller’s records at the time of the on-site exam.