Despite lacking sufficient members to take official actions, the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors met last week to discuss Executive Order 17-03.  As we reported back in January (Missouri Rule Rollback), the Order represents a significant undertaking by the State Board.  Seven months later, the State Board has less than a year to comply with the Order, and no one knows when the Governor might fill the Board’s vacancies.

Rather than wait for those appointments, the State Board may want to initiate notice of the public review process.  The Order requires notice published in the Missouri Register, followed by a 60 day period for public comments.  Following the 60 day public comment period, the Board is then required to hold two public hearings to allow the comments from the public and businesses.   The Order also requires the Board to solicit comments and advice from licensees and interested parties.

With the Missouri funeral industry giving the State Board low approval ratings, the public review process gives licensees an opportunity to provide objective comments about those regulations that the consider “ineffective, unnecessary, or unduly burdensome”.