The Missouri Preneed Annual Report for 2017 is a little different from prior years.  Schedule H (trust funded contracts) now seeks information about Pre88 trusts and Post88 trusts.  Previously, Schedule H only referenced trusts that administered contracts sold subsequent to August 28, 2009.  This had been a source of confusion for Missouri funeral homes.  Accordingly, many have never filed a Schedule H for Pre88 trusts or Post88 trusts.  This was an issue we raised in defense of a seller called before the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors last Fall.   Chapter 436 as amended gave the State Board authority to seek information about contracts sold prior to the effective date of Senate Bill No. 1, but the annual report identified trusts with contracts sold subsequent to the effective date.

As amended, Schedule H could still be confusing to funeral homes.  The addendum for listing individual contracts advises that it applies to “Pre and Post 8/29/2009”.  But the instructions correctly advise that the addendum is for listing preneed contracts sold between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017.    If administered correctly, Pre88 trusts and Post88 trusts should not be adding new contract sales.  If so, Schedule H’s for Pre88 Trusts and Post88 Trusts will not have a contract report.  The addendum should be marked “N/A”.   Only Part A of the Schedule need be prepared for Pre88 and Post88 trusts.