The Missouri funeral industry has haggled with the State Board for two years over preneed record requirements.  But on April 25th, the State Board scrapped the staff’s adequate record proposal, and instead, adopted a brief definition of ‘seller records’.   The State Board’s approach will afford funeral homes more flexibility in documenting the receipt of consumer funds, and the transmittal of those funds to the preneed funding agent.  To outline what could be required of funeral homes, the State Board has scheduled a two day June meeting.  The Board is seeking comments on the scope of preneed exams and the current exam procedure handbook.   If the Board is serious about providing consumer protection, the June meeting will need to include a discussion of periodic receipt and transmittal records.   While the State Board is likely to endorse a review that uses samplings, examiners will still need some form of a receipt and transmittal record that will enable them to follow consumer funds.    The following hyperlink can be used to download an example of a deposit/transmittal record that can be used by funeral homes.