Prior to October 31st each year, Missouri preneed sellers must file a renewal/annual report that sets out each preneed contract issued or sold during the reporting period (September 1st through August 31st).  We recently had funeral home clients express confusion over when an arrangement with a family constitutes a preneed contract.  Some funeral homes have a practice of providing a family a completed contract to take home and study.  But some funeral homes go so far as dating the contract form, assigning a sequential contract number and signing the contract form.  This is a practice we strongly discourage.  Dating, numbering and signing the contract form should be done only after the consumer has brought back the contract with their payment.  Until the consumer provides payment to the funeral home, there is no consideration for a contract between the two parties.  If the consumer never returns with payment, the arrangement should not be included on the renewal/annual report.  Leaving a signed document in the consumer’s possession creates confusion for family members (and the State Board) whether an actual contract exists.  The funeral home could be placed in the difficult position of proving it did not receive consideration for the contract.