When an Association Press story broke a few months ago, the MFDEA response was to suggest that the reporter had been influenced by individuals who were anti-Governor Parson and anti-Division.  But the reality is that funeral directors opposed to Ms. Solon’s actions are supporters of Governor Parson.  Multiple parties reached out to the Governor to request he get involved.  The Governor was warned that the industry was angry that the Division’s acting director violated state laws to replace the Board with licensees who would follow her directives.  Funeral directors believe State Board members should be owner/operators with years of experience running a funeral home.  Board members should draw on that experience when deciding the appropriate discipline when violations occur.  Board members should not be part-time employees or individuals that retired from the business decades ago.  RSMo Section 333.151 is not as difficult to read as the MFDEA suggests:

Each member, other than the public member, appointed shall possess either a license to practice embalming or a license to practice funeral directing in this state or both said licenses and shall have been actively engaged in the practice of embalming or funeral directing for a period of five years next before his or her appointment.