One of the most difficult challenges for a financial POA agent is the parent’s empty house.  Dementia has robbed the parent of the life skills needed to continue living at home and the health care POA agent has already made the decision to move Mom to an assisted living facility.   As time passes, it becomes apparent to family members that Mom cannot be allowed to move back home.   As this AgingCare blog thread suggests, the family discussion about what to do with the house can be extremely emotional and stressful.  When Mom is included in the discussion, she may become very adamant against a sale of the house.  But as many of the contributors to the blog thread explain, the financial POA agent needs to consider factors such as insurance requirements and how an empty house will deteriorate more quickly.  While Mom and other family members may oppose a sale of the house on sentimental reasons, the financial POA agent has duty to act in the best interests of the principal. Selling the house is often the best action to take.