Death Care Compliance Law

Death Care Compliance Law

Preneed: A Pandora's Box of Problems

William Stalter is the founder of Stalter Legal Services and the Preneed Resource Company. Bill focuses his law practice on preneed and death care compliance, serving banks, funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries. He has written multiple published articles

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Did Someone Ask “Who’s the Boss?”

Posted in Missouri - SB1, Preneed
Three years ago we asked that question with regard to the power struggle occurring between the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors and the Missouri Division of Professional Registration staff. That post was influenced by our experiences with preneed regulators from other states, who range from elected politicians to the revolving door bureaucrat.… Continue Reading

The First Salvo: Nixon and the NPS affiliates

Posted in NPS/Lincoln, Preneed
In what may prove to be a lengthy legal proceeding, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon filed suit against Forever Network, Inc., an affiliate of National Prearranged Services (NPS).  While the suit may duplicate the injunctions effected by the Agreed Order obtained by the Texas Department of Insurance, consumers should take comfort by the fact Mr. Nixon has begun taking action.   While it… Continue Reading

Suspect Business Practices?

Posted in NPS/Lincoln
It is not a good sign when our regulators communicate by letter.  Friday’s Post Dispatch story underscores the friction that exists among some of the regulatory agencies caught in the NPS fiasco.  In one aspect, the letter is intended to demonstrate that the Missouri Attorney General’s Office is dependent upon the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors and the Missouri Department… Continue Reading

Waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop

Posted in NPS/Lincoln, Preneed
Funeral directors will attempt to leverage the Funeral Service Insider’s report about the NPS contributions to state politicians, but they should do so with caution. The story does not paint the entire picture of NPS’ efforts to influence the politics that controlled Missouri’s preneed industry. The amount attributed to the Missouri efforts ($168,000) seems low. Granted it… Continue Reading