Death Care Compliance Law

Death Care Compliance Law

Preneed: A Pandora's Box of Problems

William Stalter is the founder of Stalter Legal Services and the Preneed Resource Company. Bill focuses his law practice on preneed and death care compliance, serving banks, funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries. He has written multiple published articles

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Getting it Right: Missouri’s Right of Sepulcher

Posted in Supulcher/Preference Laws
While Missouri has had a right of sepulcher law for five years, there has been disagreement whether the law allowed an individual to override the preferences of his/her next-of-kin. The ambiguities of the original law left funeral directors in a quandary about following the instructions of designated agents. This led to confusion for many Missourians who thought… Continue Reading

Iowa Personal Preference Legislation – Whose Funeral is it?

Posted in Churches/Ritual, Legislation, Preneed, Preplanning, Supulcher/Preference Laws
The Iowa had not one, but two personal preference bills pending before its Legislature for the 2007/08 term: SF 473 and HF 2088.   The Senate version, SF 473, was backed by Iowa’s attorneys, and the House version, HF 2088, was backed by the Iowa Funeral Directors Association.  What caught my attention about these bills was the… Continue Reading

Right of Sepulcher – Personal Preference and Wisconsin

Posted in Reform, Right of Sepulcher, Supulcher/Preference Laws
A Wisconsin bill that would establish a right of sepulcher looks bound for passage (AB 305).   There are several things to like about this bill.  It would establish an individual’s right to control the disposition of his or her body, and to designate an agent authorized to carry out that directive.  The bill also provides the hierarchy of kin who may… Continue Reading