1. Losing 20 pounds
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Spend more time with the family
  4. Find an independent trustee

And so goes the list of New Year resolutions for the Illinois funeral director, with the last being forced on the industry by SB 1682.

Funeral directors and consumers can learn more about the new independent trustee requirements by visiting the Comptroller’s

Reform in Illinois inched closer to reality with Governor Quinn’s "amendatory veto" of SB1682.  If accepted by the Illinois legislature, the reform bill will become law on January 31, 2010.

However, the Governor is seeking a 30 day window between the deadline for the report due from the Funeral Burial Task Force and SB1682’s effective date.  It is doubtful much could be done to change SB1682

Federal and state regulators can not quite agree on how to define the preneed transaction.  Federal regulators tend to view the preneed transaction as a current sale of goods and services (where the delivery is deferred until a future date).  In contrast, state regulators are increasingly defining the transaction in terms that defer consummation of

Finding a fiduciary institution that is both knowledgeable and receptive has proven a challenge to funeral directors. Until a few years ago, the larger operators could rely upon the size of their trust to at least generate interest from prospective institutions. However, litigation exposures are now causing institutions to hesitate with even the largest of

The battle to reform Illinois’ preneed funeral law was renewed by the Comptroller’s office with the release of his Amendment to Senate Bill 1862. Reform in Illinois will take months, and the final product may differ substantially from the Comptroller’s proposal. However, SB 1862 flags Mr. Hynes’ priorities, and one of those priorities could