The risk of COVID to family members is causing some preneed contract holders to rethink the traditional funeral they have purchased.  During the early stages of the coronavirus spread, a handful of funerals were found to have been super spreader events.  Dozens of attendees were infected, and several deaths resulted.  Funeral homes have since implemented COVID safety precautions that include attendee restrictions, social distancing and mask wearing.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also issued funeral guidance for individuals and families that recommend that they contact funeral homes to discuss changes to the traditional funeral plans.  For their preneed contract holders, funeral directors will generally be flexible in changing the purchased prearrangements.  We have heard where services were moved from a chapel to a cemetery’s outdoor facilities so that social distancing could be maintained.  Funeral homes are also re-scheduling life celebrations to dates that are months into the future.  Changing the purchased prearrangement requires cooperation between the contract holder and funeral home, and sufficient documentation evidencing agreements to changes, or deferrals to performance of memorial services.