The Special Deputy Receiver over National Prearranged Services recently filed an application to assign a significant portion of the NPS preneed contracts to Liberty Bankers Life Insurance, and a subsidiary, Capitol Life Insurance Company.  If approved by the court, the NPS contracts will transfer on November 1st.  Preneed contracts sold in Missouri and

In terms of the toxic NPS fallout, Texas ranks a close second to Missouri.  In response, the Texas Department of Banking has released a legislative proposal aimed at closing what it perceives are the loopholes in Chapter 154 of the Texas Finance Code. 

To facilitate discussion of the issues with death care operators, insurance companies and fiduciaries

I will preface this blog entry by stating that I do not fault the Texas Department of Insurance for the Rule 11 Agreement if giving up litigation against NPS/Lincoln Memorial (and the various individuals) was the price extracted for gaining control of the companies and the preneed records.  Someone needed to take action, and I

One positive aspect of Texas appointing a “Rehabilitator” for NPS and its sister insurance companies is the emergence of a single authority over the NPS empire, a godfather so to speak. Rather, a Godmother.

Funeral directors have been chasing legislators, regulators, government officials, and judges for help. This is quite understandable when your entire preneed program was